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”Ugly is only skin deep”

Ever since Bernbach gave us the ”Ugly is only skin deep” welcome to the new world where ugly is really skin deep, This june marked the first Plastic Surgery fashion show, plastic surgery isn’t common to us, the Indian physician Sushruta in his work Sushruta Samhita¬†describes the practices of Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty. A fashion show using the tools of plastic surgery is however not common and was never practised before, this however brings major implications for we marketers in general.

Branded to perfection: True that fashion shows have always been sources for showcasing major brands, in the future hell, we might have prisoners do a fashion show and have companies brand prison wear, this would be a big taking, imagine what would Martha Stewart wear to prison… ordinary clothes, hell no; we have companies which can launch branded prison wear, and too much to Anita Roddicks surprise Cosmetic companies can make a killing by branding their cosmetic products and selling plastic surgery solutions for a better world, or have major companies providing new category killers for the new segment. Companies can sponsor the fashion shows, have new designers and the rest they say in cliche terms in history, i surely wouldnt be surprised if in the future they having fashion shows for the cutest robot.

A new way for mass PR: Well markets have become cluttered, and the only way to make some impact is to launch a fashion show to get the media talking, the blogs talking, wiki would have an article, talk shows, discussions, damn i am also to blame for writing topics like this, this way some other companies will jump the ante, in the future we shall have a PSFS ( Plastic Surgery Fashion Show) of various kinds PSFS Spring Summer by X, PSFS by Y and the media would jump into by writing how it makes more sense to spend the money on food crisis or povery, capitalists would jump by defending themselves.. a la one more cliche to the whole thing, the only thing it does good is that it gets people talking.

A new untapped opportunity: Typical MBA jargon, its a new untapped opportunity, Imagine young managers speaking to their bosses about a new PSMW (Plastic Surgery Miss World) PSMU( Plastic Surgery Miss Universe) and a PSMA (Plastic Surgery Miss America), heck it sure is a new untapped opportunity for marketers, why they can have auditions from every country and encourage plastic surgery,

True all this is possible in the long term, we have to however live with this crazy world, just as George Bernard Shaw emphasised “Fashion is so intolerable that we have to change it every six months” Six months is very short a period of time for IPSC ( Individuals with Plastic Surgery done Community) and there will new laws in place for protecting people with Plastic Surgery, new FDA laws, new acts for people undergoing plastic surgery, of course this is going to be one complicated activity in the future, Men would jump saying they are a part of the IPSC and demand equal rights, there would be a special community and focus on this new community, Countries would lobby for their share of legalizing PSFS and then the same cycle of media, blogs, talks, debates, finally makes me ponder, a complicated issue however, but then ugly is skin deep and imagine robotic fashion shows, new patents, new untapped markets, branded products and finally new laws, new acts, new communities and further complications.