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You can have any Car as long as it’s Electric

If Henry ford would have been alive today, much to every one’s dismay or rather tumultous state of affairs, Henry Ford would have proudly proclaimed that you can have any colour as long its electric, and its happening, the vice president of SAP by name Shai Agassi, has launched a company in October 2007 called Project Better Place, an initiative which he started out of his own interest to contribute towards the global warming. He in association with the Isreali government are trying to launch an exchangeble battery program, which would be in association with Renault and Project Better Place. The whole concept would be like a pre-paid mobile chanring point, where the same concept would be applied to electric cars. It works like somewhat like this, take an instance that in a month X would talk for 300 bucks, so the pre-paid that the person would buy would be 300 bucks and an additional in case of emergencies, now apply this same concept to the rechargeble batteries of cars, if X wanted to drive 400 miles, the recharge would be available for 400 bucks. This is funded by Monthy miles which would be minutes for the telecom operator, Thomas Friedman also in his NYT article, mentions the same approach which would be to lay effective infrastructure, and have national recharging networks and facilities, This has also been talked in Davos Extensively about the infrastructure for the Electric car which the Isreali government wants to mass produce just similat to the mass production of the black model T.

Here are the video’s to the Davos Infrastructure

Have a look at the video – Shai Agassi – Revolutionizing the Eectic Car

I wish this idea take out big time for tax incentives and a vision to eliminate gasoline transportation, The infrastructure should be powered by Open Source or Gnutella Networks as i personally feel Open Source will bring in more innovation and personalization which would bring participation. Hail Richard Stallman.


There is some HOPE ( Hummer Owners Prepared for Emergencies)

Ever since the Energy Tax Act came into prominence, it was a new realm.. the Gas Guzzler Tax, today we see its all the environment and nothing but the environment. The recent news reports about the General Motors thinking on the lines of removing the line of the Hummer came in rather expected rather than a jolt, the Hummer brand isnt going to survive for long, it was Arnie who popularised the Hummer and taking it to the consumption when he first purchased the Hummer which was specially meant for World War purposes, Its the Oil shock that is making the Hummer out of the market, i don’t have a liking for MUV’s for any reason but i do like Suv’s ;). What can GM do is the biggest challenge. In its fight for oil i would suggest GM to think of new ways to rethink of launching the new HUMVEE by strategically innovating, true its a gas guzzler but it would make more sense for GM to use Bio fuels for the Hummer just as Richard Branson did it with the Boeing, the hummer should try to launch new models which are not energy eaters, and the tax on the Gas Guzzlers act as another disadvantage, of course the number of people who are driving the hummer is very few, GM can as well scrap the division but can also start various model of the Hummer, the question is the resources that needs to be taken in question, will the hummer be made into a eco-friendly vehicle, much of what we know is that in the world of technology is possible, or another wacky idea like an electric hummer, it all depends on how much we need to charge to get the hummer running and it would sure attract the electricity freaks into business, the way to go it to make the hummer an eco friendly vehicle by launching a bio-fuel one and launching new models, this way there could be some HOPE ( Hummer Owners Prepared for Emergencies)