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My New G-Spot

The recent news of Gucci launching a new G shaped ice cubes came as a surprise to me while i was reading the article, For me i had a feeling that a name of everything would probably dilute the name of the brand. It happened to Disney or heck it happened to Pierre Cardin when he shocked the world with Pierre Cardin Toilet seats, it took Eisner to realise that the brand disney was infact getting diluted and removed the name of disney on most of the products, Pierre cardin was a luxury segment and so is Gucci but the relevance of Gucci to get into Ice Trays is unthinkable, it is a totally different segment altogether, of course it can get all the major fashion pubs and resto bars to put a Gucci ice cube and increase the price of the drink by 10% but then, it would act as a major noticable difference, here is a picture of the Gucci Ice trays

However the price of the ice tray is not cheap and that is a sure indication that Gucci is doin its job of luxury very well, who knows when my neighbour comes and asks for an ice tray a Gucci would surely be the talk of the neighbourhood, till then thats the new G-Spot