Australian for Water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The recent ban on surrogate advertising is going broadcasters bonkers, approximately 200 to 250 crores will be the loss to the broadcasters and many agencies have put their ads on hold until any further hearing on the ban is ready to be made. In the ever globalised scenario, when brands such as heiniken and coors are set to enter the country, giving more employment and contribution in the form of GDP we do not need to ban surrogate advertising, I think there should be advertising during the consumption, this way companies can play their ads during the point of consumption and that is a massive market considering potential people who get converted instantly during consumption but there are also instances where the marketer is not worried about placing ads during consumption, but at the mass media to attract new patters in consumption, Companies have long since taken the road to surrogate advertising, Wills lifestyle which brands wills, kingfisher soda to mineral water and now the fosters water. The government knows it, the people know it, everybody knows it, that advertising is done to promote alcohol rather than cassettes and CD’s. There is nothing surrogate about surrogate advertising, when it is perfectly legal to make cigarretes and beer why on earth is it wrong to promote the products manufactured, my next cent is that from the consumers point of view every one knows that its the cigaratte being branded and the beer being branded, why such messages then. some companies have a very long association with formula 1, these brands are smuggled into india for example marlboro, and ITC is not allowed to sponsor such events and lost to such smuggled products says Ramesh Narayan in an article in the business line. From an advertisers point of view, the clients bottom line is the key, and how does it matter whether Fosters is australian for beer or Australian for water….


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