I passed the exam, I’m Lovin it…….

No wonder, there is so much clutter in the market place, Marketers are trying to position ads in the bathrooms, gardens, shirts and like a typical ‘Seth Godin’ remark ‘The answer to clutter is more clutter and that’s why there is so much spam on your inbox because marketers are desperate’. Truly agree with Seth, The recent foray of McDonalds into placing ads on report cards was taken by a surprise by teachers, students and the marketing community. Of course The Big Mac has removed the ads on report cards due to high protests from teachers and parents. A la Naomi Klein incident…This utter desperation by Marketers brings to light the various steps taken by Marketers to promote the brand. If there was any blame on the company, then the school should also be put to blame as it’s given the permission to place the ad in the first place. Looking from the aspects from the Marketers point of view that it was a nicely crafted promotion and a unique way to look beyond the traditional ways and have new ways of appealing to children who form a core of the Mac’s business. McDonalds have been prone to criticism from time immemorial, right from the ads to selling junk food to the children. If not for the  protests, a very nice promotional campaign.

                                                       The Brand Report Card

The first time I read about the report card, I have been debating this with people from various spheres to get a holistic view and Comments are welcome.



2 responses to “I passed the exam, I’m Lovin it…….

  1. Funny post. I mean the post was serious but appealed funny finally, thanx to McD. From wat i presume is its an online report card . I feel nothing wrong in McD adv in report card but the way they did it was awful. The whole front cover has been clattered with McD ads. Instead it shud appear as a hyperlink or smth and only on clicking on that link these additional details shud pop up but its exactly the other way round. Its less like a report card and more like a menu in McD.

  2. serialmarketer

    true and what you get for putting an ad like that, you get the publish the whole report card for a year free of cost!!!!!!!

    Thanks and Regards

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